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Becky's Blooms

Flowers for all Occasions


Shown below is a selection of the most popular designs. Even though only one or two designs per tribute are shown, they can be in any colours/flowers preferred. Should you require something other than what I have here do not hesitate to call me. There are more photos on the Funeral Gallery Page. I will advise if you are unsure what you would like and can meet for a consultation for more information or to place an order, please call 0116 2395708/07706432847 (there is no charge for delivery on funeral tributes within Leicester)

Double ended/casket spray:

The most popular and most common of all tributes.Stunning from all viewing points.Flowers can also be reused to give out in bouquets as stems are kept long.

Price: from £30.00 per foot

including roses from £35 per foot

Including lilies from £40 per foot

Tied Sheaf:

It is good value for money and also biodegradable. Prices Start from: £40.00

Mock sheaf:

Made to look like a tied sheaf, this tribute is actually

an arrangement in

oasis. Prices start from £40.00

Textured Cushion:

Elaborate and modern this tribute is a stunning option. Can be created to look like a garden. A carefully chosen selection of flowers used in each design. Tailored to what YOU want! Prices

Start from: £50.00

Based Cushion/pillow:

This design is done in the same shape as the above design but is more formal and has a spray of flowers rather than the variety of the above. Can have ribbon or foliage edging. Prices Start from: £50.00

Loose Open Wreath:

This is a traditional design that can be created using most colours and flowers. Although the design may be simple, it does give a huge impact and looks fantastic. Prices start from: £40.00

Based Wreath:

This is a similar design to the loose open wreath but it is more formal. The flower usually used for the basing is a white double Chrysanthemum. The choice of the spray can be any colour desired.

Prices start from: £40.00

Loose Open Cross

Prices start from:

£45.00 (2ft)

from £60 (3ft)

from £80 (4ft)

Based Cross

Prices start from

£45 (2ft)

from £60 (3ft)

from £80 (4ft)

Based Heart:

Prices start from:


Textured Heart

Prices start from: £45.00

Loose open Posy:

Prices Start from:


Based Posy Pad:

Prices Start from:


Single Ended Spray:

Prices start from: £40.00

Football Shirt:

Prices start from: £120.00

Based Teddy Bear:

Prices start from: £80.00

Butterfly Tribute

Prices start from: £60.00

Mum or Dad or Nan

Prices Start from £90.00

Rainbow letter tributes 

From £50 per letter

3D Teapot tribute

from £120

Horse Shoe

Prices start from £85.00

Double heart

Can be any colours

prices start from £80.00

Cartoon Character Cushion

Prices start from £80.00

Specialist Tribute Cushion

Prices start from £75.00

Individual Letters start from: £30.00 Each Plus Frame

Grandma or Grandad Prices Start from: £200.00

Rose centred letters

From £50 per letter. Sample shown £150

Train tribute

From £200