Becky's Blooms

Flowers for all Occasions

Venue and thank you flowers 

Venue flowers 


Pedestal large from £65

Smaller from £40

Pew ends/Chair backs

Simple from £5 each

Elaborate from £20 each 

Top table arrangement 

from £40 


Garlands can feature almost anywhere! From the top table to a stair case. They are increasingly popular

From £25 per foot 


Archways are also very popular. Prices are either for arch decorations or a complete set up hired arch

Décor (simple) from £150

Full coverage from £250 plus hire of archway 

Other Venue Décor

I have done many other things for venue decoration from flower walls to topiary trees, if you would like something else please enquire

Thank you Flowers 

Thank you hand ties from £25



from £15